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1st period English Language Arts

2nd period English Language Arts

3rd period Social Studies

4th period English Language Arts

6th grade ELA and Social Studies

6th Grade English and Social Studies


6th Grade PE

6th Grade Social Studies

7th and 8th Grade PE

7th Grade History

7th grade Integrated Science

7th grade Integrated Science

7th grade Social studies

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Language Arts

8th Grade History

8th grade US History

8th grade US History

8th Language Arts

Advanced Design

Applied Science P1


Art 6


Band & Choir 19-20

Barnhart's Resource Room

Barnhart's Resource Room

Beg Ceramics



Destiny Discover

Destiny Quest



English 6 and English 6H

English 6 Honors

English 6 P1

English 7 '17-'18

English 7 Honors '17-'18

English 8 / Honors English 8

English Language Arts/Social Studies/Tech 6

English Social Studies

Green Valley High School

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Health Technician

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Learning Center 7/8

LeVan Period 3 and 4

LeVan Period 3 and 4

Library Media Center


Math 6 - 1st Semester 2019-2020

Math 6&7, Science 6

Math 7

Math 7

Math 7 - P5 - First Semester 2019-2020

Math 8

Math 8

Math 8

Math Skills (Per. 6)

Math Support

Mr. Bennett's Class

Mr. Le Van Math and Science

Mrs. Flowers' ELD/ELA/Literacy Support Classes

Mrs. Taylor's Class

Mrs. VanWaardenburg 6th grade

Mrs. Weaver-Beal

Mrs. Wilson's Page

Mr. Taylor Middle School Science

Mr.   Bennett's Artwork

Ms. Betters' Page

Ms. Crystal Fountain

Ms. Gregory's Classes

MVMS Band & Choir

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New Books

PE 6

Period 1

Period 1 SI English (7th Grade): Read 180 Universal

Period 2: Science 7

Period 2 SI English (8th Grade):   Read 180 Universal

Period 3 SI English (8th Grade): Read 180 Universal

Period 3: Social studies 7

Period 4 - Math 8

Period 4: Science 8

Period 4 SI English (6th Grade):  Read 180 Universal

Period 5 - Math 7H

Period 6

Period 6 - Math 8

Period 6: Social Studies 8

Practice Class

Practice Class

Reading and Math Support

SAI Math 6

SAI Math 7

SAI Math 8

SAI Monitor:9

Science 6 - First Semester - 2019-2020

Science 8

Science 8

Science 8

Science 8 Pennino

Science Information

Science Information 2

Sixth Grade

Social Studies

Social Studies P4

STEM: Applied Science and Technology

Study Skills (Per. 5)

Support Success (Read 180)

Test 1st

U.S. History



World History

World History