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Iron Mustang Award (Athlete of the Year)

over 3 years ago

The award is given to the top boy and girl athlete for the current school year.  Here is how points are awarded:

1.     Each individual who participates in one of the eight sports contained within the Countyline Sports League (Flag football, Volleyball, Boys and Girls softball, Basketball and Soccer) will receive 5 points.

2.     At the end of each sport, the head coach of their respective team will rank his or her top five players for that season.  These 5 players get additional points based on their ranking: 1st – 5pts; 2nd – 4pts; 3rd – 3pts; 4th – 2pts; 5th – 1pt.

3.     After each sports season, Head Coaches, of the sports in season, will nominate one athlete from their teams for Student/Athlete of the Month.  The Athletic Coordinator will look at their grades and consults will the Principal, Asst. Principal, and Head Security to verify behavior and grades.  The Student/Athlete of the Month will get 5 points.

2019-20 CJSF

about 1 year ago