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E-Mail Addresses
Access the classroom pages at the right to find individual teacher e-mail addresses. Or, you can access the MVMS Staff Listing by clicking here.

Staff Phone Extensions
Click here to see a list a staff telephone extensions at Mesa View. These extensions allow you to call the staff member directly and to leave a voice mail if necessary.
Mesa View Teachers

Below is a list of teachers who have been selected to teach at Mesa View during the 2015-2016 school year. You can find their individual classes in the listing at right.

To see a visual staff directory with staff pictures, click here.

Mike E. Bennett -- Art
Mike H. Bennett -- Sixth Grade
Cherina Betters -- Social Studies, Yearbook
Valarie Carr -- Special Education
Bobby Cruz -- Math, STEM
Julie Dutchover -- Special Education

Gwen Flowers - -English
Crystal Fountain -- Math
Paul Gianni -- PE
Annette Gregory -- Technology
Scot Gordon -- Sixth Grade
Baretta Hagen -- Social Studies
Becky Paynton -- Special Education
Paul Kane -- Music
Erin Kirkland -- English, Student Council
Rick LeVan -- Sixth Grade
Debbie Logsdon -- Science
Debra McMurtrey -- Special Education
Kurt Meidinger -- Sixth Grade
Zach More -- Math
Matt Munoz -- Science
Rebekah Murch -- Social Studies
Denise Nichols -- Special Education
Tammy Peltzer -- PE

Kellie Pennino -- Science, STEM
Randy Peters -- Social Studies
Darlene Pitman -- STEM
Sarah Ring -- Sixth Grade
Jennifer Seaburg -- Science

Jeanee Shin-- English
Marilee Shook -- Math, STEM
Janice Stewart -- Math
Katrina Taylor -- Sixth Grade
Anna Van Tassel -- English

Jennifer Weaver-Beal -- English, AVID
Brian White -- PE

Cat Williams -- English
Julie Wilson -- Sixth Grade
Katie Zabaleta -- Sixth Grade
Teacher A -- Math
Denise LaFourcade -- Counselor (A-L)
Danielle Savona -- Counselor (M-Z)