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Welcome to PE!
Welcome to big kid PE, where you dress out, learn new sports, compete, and have a great time every day!
Dressing Out
All students will have their locks and lockers by Monday, August 27th. We will have students enter the locker room, practice opening their locks (you have no idea how hard this is for some kiddos), and get dressed quickly before we begin our first unit.

Locker Room Reminders:
- get in, get changed, get out
- never share your combination
- always keep your locker locked
- no glass bottles
- no changing in the restrooms
- optional: keep a change of shoes in your locker

As both a PE coach and a female, I know that changing for the first time in the locker room with other girls around is nerve-racking for ALL girls! I can promise you that with time, this will become one of the easiest parts of your day! The same goes for boys! The best thing you can do is get in, get changed quickly, and go sit on your numbers. The faster you move, the easier it gets!