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Beg Ceramics


about 1 year ago

California Arts Council
Links to the Arts in California

California Visual Art Standards
California Visual Art Standards for All Grades

Coastal Art & Poetry Contest
Jan 31st, 2019 is the deadline for this art contest.

Color Wheel - Interactive
Learn about the color wheel on this site.

Covered Bridge Map
Take a look at covered bridges across the US that you can visit.

Free Paper Models #1
Free downloadable paper models from: Paper Toys.

Free Paper Models #2
Free downloadable paper models from: Canon.

Historic Paper Model Buildings in Illinois
Build 3D historic buildings like Lincoln's Springfield home on this site.

Jon Gnagy - 1st TV Art Instructor
Jon Gnagy was the first artist I learned how to draw from. He was the original T.V. art instructor.

Jon Gnagy Lessons
See the original Jon Gnagy lessons from the 1950's on Youtube.

Junior Duck Stamp Contest #1
Paint a duck and win big bucks.

Junior Duck Stamp Contest #2
More on the Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Mr. Bennett's 1st Jigsaw Puzzle Design
Moose Lodge by Mr. Bennett

Mr. Bennett's 2nd Jigsaw Puzzle Design
Eagle Lake Lodge puzzle by Mr. Bennett

Mr. Bennett's Cross Stitch Designs
See some of Mr. Bennett's art as cross stitch designs.

Mr. Bennett's Mural Designs
See some of Mr. Bennett's most recent art.

Mr. Bennett's Newest Book Cover
See Mr. Bennett's painting of General Patton on the cover of this book.

Mr. Bennett's Pixel Hobby Designs
A new type of craft is now available and very fun!

NOAA Marine Debris Art Contest 
NOAA Marine Debris Art Contest

Sculpting Lincoln's Face
A great two part video of sculpting Lincoln's face in clay from the 1950's.

Youth Wildlife Art Contest
Enter your own original art of a North American game bird or animal. Deadline: November 2nd.

Jon Gnagy Fur Trapper in Canoe

Jon Gnagy Maple Syrup/Sugar House

5 months ago