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Behavior Expectations
Respectful behavior is the cornerstone of my classroom. Along with this goes kindness, honesty, and being responsible. Not following these expectations will result in disciplinary steps:
1) Timeout
2) Discipline page
3) Detention in OCS
4) Referral to office
I will contact you to discuss if necessary
Citizenship Marks
Citizenship marks will be given to students based on the behavior they exhibit both inside and outside of the classroom
Outstanding - Consistent behavior above and beyond expectations
Satisfactory - Respectful behavior that shows the student takes responsibility for their own education
All other citizenship marks should be discussed with the teacher
Schedule - See your student's agenda for the bell schedules.

Attendance: School attendance is crucial to your student's success. Instruction and classroom interactions are lost if a student is absent. The student is responsible for contacting the teacher upon their return to find out what make-up work they are going to be held accountable for.
Academic Grading
Homework/Classwork 1-5 pts.
Projects/Assessments - Points based on length and complexity of assignment

Grades are based on percentages:

100 - 90 A = Advanced
89 - 80 B = Proficient
79 - 70 C = Developing
69 - 0 F = Novice

Homework Policy
District policy is 60 - 90 minutes of homework per night
Individual amounts will vary depending on the amount of work accomplished in class
Check ABI daily/weekly for progress updates
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