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Mesa View Middle School
“Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”
2016 – 2017 Honors Parent & Student Contract

Student:____________________________(Please print name)

Courses requested:______________________________________

Grade level next year:_________

Please carefully read each item below, and initial, indicating you understand the expectations of an Honors course.

_____I am aware of the increased workload and rigor with an Honors course.

_____I understand that my student could have at least one hour of homework per night with each Honors course.

_____We have discussed as a family, the importance of my student’s responsibility to balance homework with any outside activities and non-school related commitments.

_____I understand that any Honors course is a YEAR LONG commitment.

_____My student and I understand the commitment and responsibility required for these courses.

My signature below is confirmation that I understand all the rigor and responsibility that comes with any Honors course. My student is committing to remain in his/her chosen Honors course(s) throughout the 2016 – 2017 school year.

_______________________________________                   ______________________
Student signature                                                               Date

Print parent name

______________________________________                     ______________________
Parent signature                                                                 Date

A printable PDF copy of the MVMS Honors Contract can be found on the Parent Resources page in the Documents section.  Click here.

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