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General Information

Student Expectations

about 1 month ago

By Scot Gordon

Prepared for Class

Students need to be ready to work independently and collaboratively by having extra writing utensils, an organized 3 ring binder, and a composition book for each class daily.

Behavior and Etiquette

Students will be expected to treat themselves and others with respect and kindness. Classroom behavior must be helpful and not distract other students from being successful.

Grading and Progress

Students are expected to manage their own progress which includes asking for help when needed, taking notes, updating agendas daily, keeping aware of grades on ABI, and retaking tests when provided(Please review the "Grading Information" file in the "Files" block).

Grading In Math

Tests: Tests are standards-based and will be worth 1 point per problem. Tests are the bulk of a student's grade.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given weekly and will be Pass or Fail.  They will be worth 1 point.

Homework/Classwork: Classwork and homework will be collected at the end of each Chapter, and each is worth 1 point.

Grading In Science

Tests: Tests are based on material from the Science textbook and notes taken in class and as homework.  Tests are the bulk of the student's grade.

Quizzes: Quizzes are given weekly, and are Pass or Fail.  They are worth 1 point.

Homework/Classwork: These are awarded 1 point each as assigned.

Citizenship and Work Ethic

Each student is given a mark for Citizenship and Work Ethic.  They will receive one of the following for each class;  O=outstanding, S=satisfactory, N=needs improvement, and U=unsatisfactory.


about 1 month ago

Grading Information
Please review the "Grading Information" file in the "Files" section of this website. It can be of help in reading ABI or why a child might have a "0" for a grade. I place zeros in the gradebook for incomplete work and for work not turned in at all. FYI
There are many websites that are helpful for math. One of our favorites is Khanacademy. It is free when you sign-up, and it provides tutorials on topics in math. It is a quick way to get help when a teacher is not around. Try it out.

Extra Credit???
Students will ask me if I give extra credit, because they need help improving their grade. Generally, the answer is no. I don't give extra credit. Students need to do the work I have already assigned. Do the work well, and it usually takes care of the problem.  However, I do assign extra credit from time to time, and students will be informed in the classroom.

Learning Hasn't Changed
People keep asking me how to help with their grades. There is no strange new way to learn. Students need to do the work assigned, complete it on time, listen to instructions and lessons, ask questions to help with clarification, and repeat. Learning is work, no way around it.

ABI and Grades
Please keep checking ABI for grades. Students struggling in classes often have trouble with study skills, and need to be studying at home for tests and retakes. Students can check out books for the night from class, but need to bring them with them the next day to use in class.

Email address
My email address for the school is

Student Agendas
 Students should be writing Homework assignments, class activities, and important dates in the agenda daily. This is a great tool to USE. I will periodically give a grade for using the agenda properly. Just a little more information in case it helps. Thanks.