Academic Programs

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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Technology 6

Applied Science & Technology
Advanced Design
ROP Career Exploration 
Digital Literacy
Honors Math and English 
Makers Space 

Learn robotics, how to design and build objects, how to solve complex problems, how to work effectively in groups, how to take, edit, and broadcast video, and more.  Every student at Mesa View experiences STEM, either as their elective course or when they participate in all-inclusive STEM activities spread throughout the year.

Advancement Via Individual Determination


Develop effective study habits, learn how to take Cornell notes, how to work in teams, and how to get into college.


Student Council

WEB Where Everybody Belongs
CJSF California Junior Scholastic Federation

Learn and practice leadership skills by planning and running student events, creating the school's yearbook, mentoring classmates, or by conducting community service projects.

Academic Support

Literacy Support
English Language Development

Study Skills
Study Skills Math
Special Education
Math Intervention

These classes help students improve their abilities in:  reading, the English language, Algebra, homework, and overall organization.

Art & Music

Music 6

Develop and showcase your creative talents artistically or musically, participate in public performances, speeches, and/or various art contests.

For questions about any of these programs or classes please contact the respective teacher or one of Mesa View's counselors: (A-L) (M-Z).

Library Media Center

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Welcome to the library media center

the library is a place to come for independent research, classroom projects, pleasure reading, and special events. we look forward to seeing you here!


The Library has added hundreds of new titles to the collection! We have added dozens of new books to support the spirit of creativity and activities in the maker space. There are also several new fiction titles, including many requested series. Come in and check one out today!

To search for, check out, and download e-books, download the FREE Follett Discover app (for Android and iOS) to your smart phone or tablet. To access the Mesa View catalog, select 'California' as your location, then type 'Mesa View Middle School' in the Schools in CA search bar. Click on Mesa View Middle School, 92320. To log in, click the 'Log In' button - your 10-digit school ID is both your username and your password. Please ask Ms. Burnham if you need help getting started.

Library Media Center Hours

Monday through Friday

7:15 to 3:30 p.m.*

*The library may be closed during these hours if a class visit or a meeting is scheduled.

Students may use the library before school, during nutrition break and lunch, and after school. During the school day, the library is open for class visits and for students with a pass from a teacher.

Need to do research for a class project?

Use Mesa View's EBSCO Host database subscription to find reliable information that will help you quickly and easily locate all of the information you need to complete your project. See the librarian for the username and password, and for a demonstration on how to use EBSCO Host!

Circulation Policies

  • All students are issued a student ID card - don't forget to bring it to school everyday! Your student ID card is also your library card, and you will need it to check out library books.

  • Students may check out up to three library books at a time. The loan period is two weeks, and books may be returned early, or renewed for extra time.

  • Treat the books with care both in and out of the library. Books must be returned in good condition or a fine will be charged.

Textbook Policies

  • Textbooks are checked out in the Textbook Room located near the gym. It is recommended that students cover all of their textbooks to prevent damage.

  • Students are responsible for returning the same textbooks checked out to them. Students will be charged a fee for each book not returned or returned damaged, and for replacement copies of workbooks.

  • DO NOT leave textbooks in classrooms. Teachers are not responsible for returning student textbooks.

Textbook information and fees for losses/damages can be found here.

Cheryl Burnham
Senior Library Technician

MVMS Honors and History

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Mesa View Honors & History

School Honors

Randy Peters
District and County Teacher of the Year


Gold Ribbon School Award
The new state Distinguished School recognition!

Mike E. Bennett
CLMS Region 10 Educator of the Year


Jim Stolze
San Bernardino County Principal of the Year


High Performance Math (HiPerMath)
#1 School in California

Destination Imagination
Third Place Finish, California State Finals

Jason Mills
CLMS Region 10 Educator of the Year


Darlene Pitman
San Bernardino County Teacher of the Year

Jim Stolze
Alliance for Education STEM Champion

Jason Mills
Darlene Pitman
Courtney Hall

"Teach California" Distinguished Teachers


First in Math
#2 School in California

Julie Dutchover
San Bernardino County Classified Employee of the Year
California State Classified School Employee of the Year

Ana Lerouge
San Bernardino County Multilingual Award

Rebekah Murch
Inland Empire History/Social Science Teacher of Excellence
Best Buy @15 Challenge Winner

Darlene Pitman
Air Force Association Grant
AAIA Classroom Fund Grant
Honeywell Educators Space Academy
Siemens STEM Academy

Mark Watkins
CLMS Region 10 Educator of the Year


First in Math
#1 School in California

Valesca Lopez
San Bernardino County Teacher of the Year

Rebekah Murch
Best Buy @15 Challenge Winner

Terri Williams
CAHPERD Jump Day Guinness World Record Challenge

School History

Mesa View opened in August of 2009 in Calimesa, California, as the first of the district's schools to be built within Riverside County. The construction of the school was complete in 2006, but the lack of a suitable access road delayed its opening until the district built a 1.25 mile extension to Sandalwood Drive in 2008.  In its opening year, the site functioned as a middle school and housed seventh and eighth grade students from four feeder K-6 elementary schools (Calimesa, Dunlap, Valley, and Wildwood schools) in the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District.  With the re-drawing of school attendance areas in 2011, Dunlap Elementary was reassigned to Park View Middle School.  For 2012-2013, Mesa View was designated a STEM magnet school, focusing on a hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math experience for all students.  Sixth graders who requested to come to Mesa View also joined the campus for the first time.  In 2014-2015, Mesa View grew to its biggest size ever -- 905 students - when all of the sixth graders were moved to the district middle schools.  Mesa View earned a great distinction at the end of 2014-2015 as one of only 373 recipients of the state's new Gold Ribbon School Award, given in recognition of the school's innovative STEM program.

Calimesa is located approximately 20 miles east of San Bernardino in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains between the Los Angeles Basin and Palm Springs. The Yucaipa Valley, which includes the cities of Yucaipa and Calimesa, covers approximately 45 square miles and has a current population of approximately 70,000 residents. The valley was once a rural, farming community with many retired residents. Recent years have brought several new housing developments to the area, attracting a diverse and younger population. Mesa View is less than a mile from County Line Road, which divides San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Most of Mesa View’s students live in Yucaipa, a slow-growing town of approximately 60,000 residents on the other side of County Line Road in San Bernardino County.

School Mascot

The Board of Education selected our school colors of red and gold in 2007. Incoming students selected "Mustangs" as the school mascot in February 2009, six months before the school opened.  (Bears, Lions, and Bobcats, by the way, were the other choices students could vote on.)  "Mustangs" was easily the top vote-getter, with many voters commenting on the appropriateness of the name.  For example, Yucaipa and Calimesa are equestrian communities.  Mustangs symbolize ruggedness and freedom.  They epitomize the industrious, frontier spirit of the Old West even as they continue to roam free in many western states.  Mustangs are strong, intelligent, independent, resourceful, and family-centered.  These are all traits that we hope Mesa View students emulate.

In addition, Yucaipa High School students, Mesa View's future high school rival, are the "Thunderbirds," creating a Ford automobile connection.  Some just liked the alliteration of the similar sounding "M's."  The inspiration for the official Mustang logo came from the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo mascot, which is also a mustang (but with green and gold coloring).  In November of 2009, the student body voted on the name of our mascot (see it in stuffed animal form above).  "Miles" was selected as the mascot name.  Some indicated that this was an inside joke, given that the new road to the school (Sandalwood Drive and Mustang Way combined) was about a mile long.  In the Spring of 2010, a local Calimesa resident, Lori DeWitt, offered to donate a young, live mustang to the school named "Faith."  The plan is to have Faith visit Mesa View when she is old enough to make the trip and to handle being around students.  At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, Mesa View's second year, Student Council purchased a mascot costume.  This form of the mascot will also promote Mustang Pride.  We take great pride in being Mustangs and hope to share that pride with the Calimesa community.  In 2011-2012, "Miles" was joined by "Millie," an oversized, plush mustang who "works" in the office when not making classroom visits.

School Demographics

Mesa View Middle School has 905 students in 49 classrooms. The school was built to one day be the district's second high school.  It includes three specialized science labs, two computer labs, a language lab, a library, an art room with a kiln and pottery wheels, a "LifeSkills" classroom for older special education students with extreme needs, two County special education classrooms, a dance classroom, a suite of rooms for music instruction, classrooms dedicated to drama and choir, a large multi-purpose room with facilities for many types of productions, a career center, a full-service kitchen and serving area, a weight room, a full set of athletic fields (including an oval track and a practice football field), and two student locker rooms for physical education. 36% of our students are Hispanic, and 57% are Caucasian. The school principal administers the school program, an assistant principal assists in this task, and two certificated counselors assist and support all students. All teachers at the school are fully credentialed. Special Education services include: one classroom for self-contained Special Academic Instruction students, three classrooms for the SAI program, and a suite of offices for district psychologists and speech and language specialists. Five special education instructional aides also assist with the program. 9% of all students at Mesa View are English Language Learners. These students have access to the many support programs at the school and are assigned to a certified CLAD teacher. 28% of the students are GATE identified.  8% of the student body is classified as students with disabilities. 47% of the student body is considered of low socioeconomic status.

Mesa View Middle School is one of two middle schools in the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District. The mission of the district is simply stated: “Innovative Programs, World-Class Education.” The entire school community is committed to that goal. Mesa View offers an all-star team of teachers and classified staff members, high quality academic program, support classes, rich elective offerings, and interventions that are aligned with program offerings at other sites in our school district.


Award Programs

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Award Programs & Criteria

Mesa View conducts separate awards ceremonies for each grade, one in January after the end of the first semester and one in May shortly before the end of the second semester.  Please look on the Mesa View calendar for exact dates and times.  Parents will receive an automated call ahead of time if their child is receiving an award.


Perfect Attendance Gift Card Drawing
Every student who comes to school every day during a school month has his or her name placed into a drawing for a $10 iTunes, Starbucks, or Yogurtland gift card.

Maverick Award
This is an award for an outstanding and uncommon act of meaningful and significant service to others.  Awards are given throughout the school as they are earned.


Straight As Party
Every student who earns straight As for the First Semester is invited to PTSA's Straight As Party in January.  Students get food, prizes, gifts, and games during the 90-minute party that starts during period six and ends at 3:00 p.m.


Teacher Choice Awards
Teachers honor students who show:
Academic Achievement
Academic Improvement
Exemplary Citizenship
School or Community Service
Outstanding Accomplishment

Academic Excellence Awards
Students are honored for earning all "As" in all six of their classes.


Presidential Award for Educational Excellence

SILVER AWARD:  For students who earn a 3.50 GPA or higher through the fall semester.
GOLD AWARD:  For students who earn a SILVER AWARD and reach the 85th percentile or higher on the spring R-CBM universal screening reading fluency test.

Mustang Citizenship Awards
Given to students who received five or more "O" citizenship marks on his or her first semester report card AND second semester 12-week progress report.

Perfect Attendance Drawing
For every month a student earns perfect attendance, he or she earns an entry into a drawing for a new iPod Nano.


Teacher Choice Awards
Teachers honor students who show:
Academic Achievement
Academic Improvement
Exemplary Citizenship
Improved Citizenship
School or Community Service
Outstanding Accomplishment

Academic Excellence Awards
Students are honored for earning all "As" in all six of their classes.


(a) be free of any out-of-school suspensions during their eighth grade year
(b) be free of any disciplinary Saturday Schools in April, May, or June
(c) have no more than one "F" class grade at the end-of-year cutoff mark 

Presidential Award for Educational Excellence
SILVER AWARD:  For students who earn a 3.50 GPA or higher through the fall semester.
GOLD AWARD:  For students who earn a SILVER AWARD and reach the 85th percentile or higher on the spring R-CBM universal screening reading fluency test.

Mustang Academic Awards
Eighth grade teachers recognize their most accomplished students in their respective subject areas.

Mustang Achievement Awards
For students whose work and behavior earned them an invitation to Awards Night.

Mustang Citizenship Awards
Given to students who received five or more "O" citizenship marks on his or her first semester report card AND second semester 12-week progress report.

Perfect Attendance Drawing
For every month a student earns perfect attendance, he or she earns an entry into a drawing for a new iPod Nano.

Principal's Outstanding Student Awards
Awarded to the top eight eighth graders based on:
Leadership Classes Taken and Passed
Active Club Participation
Amount of Time Enrolled at Mesa View

MVMS Mission & Vision

5 years ago

Our common vision at Mesa View Middle School is stated in our Advancement Profile and our Mission Statement:

What should an eighth grader be able to do after promoting from Mesa View?

• Be Responsible
• Think Critically and Analytically
• Solve Problems
• Be Technologically Literate
• Communicate and Collaborate Effectively
• Give Back to the Community
• Explore a College and Career Future

The mission of Mesa View Middle School is to prepare our students to be productive leaders, learners, and citizens of the 21st Century. We are dedicated to:

• Focusing on student learning and rigorous standards through the use of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, technology, and oral, visual, and written communication skills.
• Fostering academic and personal responsibility based on respect, integrity, commitment, patience, honesty, perseverance, and tolerance.
• Providing positive leadership experiences that promote social awareness and contribute to the school and community.
• Developing student self awareness of individual strengths, interests, and personal health so students are prepared for their future.

• Bringing a hands-on, meaningful STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) experience to every Mesa View student.

"Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow"

The Mesa View Middle School staff is committed to creating a learning environment capable of meeting the individual needs of every student who comes to us.

The vision of Mesa View Middle School evolved from collaborative efforts between all members of the school community. Planning began during the winter of 2009 with the goal of building a middle school program focused on creating a personalized, creative, and challenging educational experience for every student. Mesa View Middle School designed a challenging and consistent academic program, upholding high standards for student achievement through data driven decision-making. The curriculum is focused on the delivery of the Common Core State Standards. We ensured academic integrity by following the district's adopted pacing guides, the use of instructional “best practices,” and district wide grading standards. The environment at the school is designed to provide safe surroundings, clear expectations for learning and behavior, and an opportunity for each adolescent to connect to the school as an individual. Members of the Mesa View Middle School staff have taken responsibility for the education of all students. Our staff and community believe that all children can learn. Therefore, we will continue to provide the necessary support to build success for our students to reach their individual potential.  These efforts were validated in 2015 when Mesa View earned the state's prestigious Gold Ribbon School Award.

The staff at Mesa View is particularly talented. In September of 2006, Rick LeVan, a long-time math and science teacher, was recognized as a State Teacher of the Year.  In 2008, teacher Zach More was named a County Teacher of the Year.  In the same year, lead custodian Cheryl Spurgin was named a State Classifed Employee of the Year.  In the spring of 2011, Julie Dutchover (now a teacher) was named as a State Classified Employee of the Year.  In the fall of 2011, Darlene Pitman was named a County Teacher of the Year.  Most recently, Principal Jim Stolze was named a County Principal of the Year in 2014.  These accomplishments demonstrate our desire to promote effective teaching, thereby improving student achievement.


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It is an absolute necessity that students attend school on a regular basis. Studies originating from a variety of sources indicate that there is a direct correlation between education and income. If your child's success in life is important to you, it is critical that he or she gets a good basic education. This can only occur if regular school attendance is maintained from Kindergarten through 12th grade (thirteen years of schooling). The following chart is an example of possible education days versus actual education days for students who are frequently absent, based on thirteen years of education with 180 days of instruction per year.

Possible Days
Actual Days
Attendance Rate
Days Missed in 13 Years
Average Days Missed per Year
Education Loss
2/3 of a year
1 1/3 years
3 1/4 years
6 1/2 years

Students who miss 10% or more actually lose more than time. They lose out on skill development, practice, and standards mastery, which can impede their ability to pass the California High School Exit Exam. Students who regularly miss school, miss out on what other students in their classes are getting. They begin to feel that they will never catch up, so why should they try?

Regular attendance does not guarantee success, perfect scores, high grades, or a high school diploma, but it does give students the best possible chance. In this life, basic skills are offered "free" only once. The failure to take advantage of a free public education when it is available is very costly. Don't cheat you children or yourself. See to it that you get your money's worth the first time around. Promote education in your home and see to it that the leaders of tomorrow - your children - are the best this world has to offer. You are the first and most important teacher in your children's lives. Please teach them the value of learning.

Bell Schedules

2 years ago

Bell Schedules ~ 2019-2020

The link below shows the three most commonly used bell schedules at Mesa View.  Special schedules not listed here are sometimes used for special events. 

 Click HERE to download this schedule.

Classroom Spotlights

5 years ago

Mrs. Dutchover - Learning Center - March 2016

Mrs.NicholsScience/History-March 2016

Mrs. Nichols' Science class build solar ovens and cooked their very own s'mores. Shown: Ever H., Brandon B., and Matthew F., wrap dolls in strips of newspapers to simulate the mummification process of ancient Egypt in Mrs. Nichols' 6th grade History class.  


After exploring expository texts and video documentaries about the impact that celebrities have on society, Mrs. Weaver-Beal's English 8 students complete a writing assignment that asks them to think about how they  might impact society in the future.  Students are creating a mock front page news story in which they will be the celebrities.

Mrs. Murch - US History - Dioramas

Students in Mrs. Murch's U.S. History classes spent time making a variety of models and dioramas depicting various significant events in American History.  Pictured above are: (left) Anthony E. and (right) Ava Z. with some stellar examples!

Mr. Bennett, Art Class - March 2016 - Perspective Drawing

Mr. Bennett's Ceramic and 3D Design Class did a one point perspective lesson on a covered bridge and here is a fine example of the finished product by Alexis S.

Mrs.NicholsScience/History-March 2016


Mrs. Weaver-Beal's 7th grade AVID class participates in STEM Week with STEM teacher, Mrs. Pitman.  The students completed a unit on Green Energy and created wind turbines that were powered by solar panels.  Pictured left, Emma G. and Bella B. assemble wind turbines using foam plates.  Pictured right, AVID tutor, Mrs. Ennes works with a group of students to test the blades in the wind turbines.


Mrs. Zabaleta's 6th grade social studies classes are making Egyptian masks.  Pictured left, students Angela A., Sean K., and Charlize R., research burial and ritual masks and their importance on Egyptian culture.   Pictured center: Mrs. Zabaleta assists students Isabella S. and Cariann T. as they create models of the masks.  Pictured right:  Travis S. proudly displays his completed Egyptian mask.


Does water expand when heated?   Will the water in the oceans expand enough with "climate change" to make Yucaipa have beach front property?  6th grader, Aramando O. carried out a science experiment in Mr. Gordon's Science Class to test whether or not water will expand enough to raise the oceans that far.



Ms. Seaburg’s 7th grade Science Class competed in groups to build an apparatus that could move tomatoes up and down a mountain without squashing them. Nathan C. and Jonathan C. plan out a model to build. Kelsey C., Charlize W. and Akela C. modify their tomato carrier after their initial test run.


Ms. Fountain’s class participated in a STEM unit on Flight with Mr. Cruz. Students learned about aeronautics by building paper airplanes, foam-board planes and a foam plane glider.

New Student Registration

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Student Registration
In order to register a child at Mesa View, parents or guardians need to follow the guidelines below.  Mesa View registers students throughout the school year.  Registration for the future school year typically begins on or around March 1. Please note that any of our grade levels may be full when you register a child, especially if you register mid-year.  If this is the case, the child would be sent to the district's other middle school (Park View Middle School) until space became available at Mesa View.

1. Call the Mesa View school office at 790-8008 or click here to see if you live within Mesa View's attendance area.  If you live outside of the Mesa View attendance area, but wish to attend Mesa View, you must first register at Park View Middle School or your out-of-district "home" school.  You can then request an inter-district or intra-district transfer.  Board policy on this procedure can be read by clicking here.

2. Come to the office to get a registration packet and complete all portions of the packet.  The packet usually takes about an hour to complete.  Packets can be completed at home and returned or they can be completed in our lobby.

3. Turn in the completed packet and provide...

a. ... proof of residence in our attendance area.  Proof can be in the form of an electric bill, gas bill, mortgage statement, or rental agreement.  Water bills will not be accepted.

b. ... the child's shot record.  Parents need to bring records of their student's past immunizations, serious diseases and injuries. California state law requires students entering seventh grade to complete a series of immunization updates, including the new Tdap immunization.  Contact our school health tech for details.  Parents may take their children to the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health Clinic at the Scherer Community Center, 12202 First Street, the third Thursday of the month. Clinic hours are 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Immunizations to satisfy all state requirements will be available for $15. The telephone number is (800) 722-4794. Children without required immunizations cannot be registered.