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Grading Guidelines

11 months ago

Honors Math and Science Grading Guidelines


                                        Maximum Point Value


Assignments                                     All assignments must be turned in at the time of assessment         

Quizzes                                             1

Chapter Tests                                   2 (no re-takes)

Projects                                             1 or 2  (Cannot be submitted for grade after NLT date)           



Assignments are designed to prepare for the assessment.  Assignments are reviewed in class daily, where students ask questions and discuss problems.  Students keep all assignments to prepare for upcoming assessments.  The assessment will be graded and complete when all assignments are turned in. 

If your child mastered an assessment or project (80% or higher), an up arrow is notated.  This means your child earned a full credit score (.5/.5, 1/1, or 2/2) in ABI.  If they did not master a quiz, more practice is required.  The procedures to re-take the quiz are:

1.    Schedule a time before/after school to meet with me for more teaching/learning.

2.    Complete more practice exercises.

3.    Schedule a time to take another version of the assessment. This may happen only once.

The best score that can be earned on the quiz re-take is 70%.  It will be entered in ABI as a .7/1.


There are no retakes on Chapter Tests.  The actual score (based on a percent of 2) is entered into ABI.


Students have plenty of time finish projects.  Each project has a NLT date, which indicates the last date a project will be accepted for evaluation.



Be Nice
Be Prepared for Class
Be Responsible for Your Learning
Keep Your Mind Open
Have Fun!