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Mesa View Homework Plan

Homework is an extension of instruction in the classroom.  It provides practice and further development of the concepts.  Homework may be differentiated based upon a student's individual needs.  Teachers will always provide guided practice for these assignments.

When is there homework?
Homework is typically assigned Monday through Thursday evenings, though sometimes there may be homework over the weekend.  Instances may occur when the time required to complete homework may exceed the typical time limit.  These instances include research reports, science projects, etc…

How much homework is expected?
Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grades = average of 90 minutes or less per night

How much parent involvement is expected?
Parents and guardians should provide a quiet place for their child to do homework that allows him or her to concentrate and focus.  Students should have some supervision during homework time to ensure they are working and in the event they should have questions or need assistance.  Parents may need to check their child’s Student Agenda and each completed assignment in order to be sure that the student is completing his or her work.  Resources for completing homework include a dictionary, atlas, pencil, and paper.  Other resources include crayons/colored pencils/markers, scissors, and glue.  A computer also serves as a helpful tool. 

What are the expectations for students?
Students are expected to complete daily homework assignments the day it is assigned.  Long-term projects may be assigned over the course of several days or weeks.  If students are experiencing difficulty, the students should complete as much of the homework as possible.  Students are expected to ask their teacher for assistance in the areas they had difficulty with.  Parents can also assist by following up with the teacher to be sure that their child asked for this help.  Students also need to remain on the timeline established by the teacher in order to avoid last minute time pressures.

How does homework relate to student grades?
Homework is only one contributing factor in a student's grade.  This factor varies from teacher to teacher.  Assessments tend to carry more weight when calculating a final mark on the report card.

What's the best way for parents to help?
Parents and guardians should communicate regularly with the teacher.  In addition, parents and guardians should monitor a daily or weekly assignment sheet.  Parents may also access Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) to monitor assignments and assessments and to see their child's current grade.

What homework strategies will be taught to students?
Students will be assigned homework on a day-by-day or weekly basis.  Teachers will establish how they pass out and collect the homework, and they will communicate these procedures to students.  Assignments will be collected, and feedback will be provided in a timely manner.  All students at Mesa View should keep their Student Agenda updated.  This practice can keep students organized and serve as a tool to clearly know which assignments are due the following day

What resources are available to students?
Support and assistance is readily available to parents and students.  Counselors supports student success through developing intervention plans, monitoring weekly progress reports, and facilitating parent-teacher conferences.  Contact a counselor for additional information about any of the resources the school can provide to assist your child.  Class time will be given to answer questions about homework and for the student to practice with the guidance of the teacher. Each teacher is available to assist students with questions during the day.  Parents and guardians may contact the teacher to determine when the teacher might offer additional support, either before or after school, or during a break.  Other programs that support students include the campus library/media center, Aeries Browser Interface (ABI), various school interventions and enrichment opportunities, teacher web pages on the school’s website, and Student Intervention Team (SIT) participation.

How are assignments coordinated among different teachers?
Every effort will be made to coordinate major assignments and other special activities among a student’s various teachers.  Students should feel comfortable reminding one teacher of major commitments in other classes.  Please recognize that there are comprehensive assessments at the end of each semester in most subjects.  This is a time when students should be devoting extra time to study for finals exams and projects.

How will homework emphasize higher order thinking skills?
English teachers will teach research skills when research is required for class work or for homework. Students can expect a research report or presentation in social studies and science during the school year.  English teachers typically require students to read independently for twenty to thirty minutes per night on a regular basis.  Math teachers will include substantial problem-solving activities as homework at various times during the year.  Teachers use district adopted textbooks and supplemental materials to instruct grade level content standards to all students.  

What type of feedback is the teacher expected to give?
All teachers will make every effort to provide students feedback in a timely manner.  Results will be used to identify concepts and standards that need re-teaching and/or extension.  Mesa View’s teachers have made a commitment to keep grade and assignments up-to-date on ABI. Feel free to access your child’s grades online.

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